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What is CASPER

Our key project is CASPER - an innovative digital tool to measure workplace well-being beyond surveys. It is a cloud-based solution designed for both leaders and employees. Its back end includes both a desktop and mobile applications with the aim to make user communications more convenient and address full anonymity. Blending both advanced tech and the Experience-Sampling Methodology (ESM) - a golden standard of latest Behavioural Economics measurements - we are building a solution with the ability to capture daily life at work, as it is to examine employee’s mood, thoughts, and feelings based on how they report different moments of their working days. We aim for CASPER to develop an insightful intuitive evidence-based solution enabling companies to zoom employee’s feelings with relation to their duties to have better understanding what can be done to improve mental wellbeing and productivity. On the other hand, employees will have a tool to reflect on their daily activities as well mood fluctuations to learn the ways to deal with certain emotions and make better decisions through a working day.

Why CASPER is different from other solutions?

Measuring workplace wellbeing and its impact on business performance is not easy. Current measurement methods to evaluate how people feel in the workplace predominantly rely on self-reported surveys that are open to heuristics and biases.Behavioural science is a new field pioneering with experimental insights to existing economic models. CASPER develops a new elicitation technique that is based on well-known experienced sampling method (ESM) but challenging the current survey design and delivery. It has creative approach, unique elements of gamification and and a well-validated analysis framework developed along with our current Lead Partner - Medical Informatics Department of University of Edinburgh.

What is the outcome of deploying CASPER in the workplace?

Deploying CASPER and our follow up bespoke services, we aim to develop an insightful intuitive evidence based solution showing;

• What proportion of employees feel happy/not happy and more or less productive with their days at work

• What are the reasons for that: external (i.e. how people feel about their working environment or relationships with peers and management) and internal (i.e. the level of appreciation, boredom or creativity)

• What leaders can do about it (practical suggestions from Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience and Quality of Life studies).

The greatest benefit of CASPER is more precise and dynamic measures (by sampling episodes of a working day) with the deeper reach to individual level, generating new capabilities for leaders, HR specialists, Behavioural and Change practitioners.

How to sign up for a trial of CASPER?

Our current stage is to run a trial of an alpha version of CASPER to validate its design, functionality and an analysis framework. We are looking for forward-thinking organisations (50 – 150 employees) to take part in our exclusive Early Adopter Programme. It is an opportunity to sign up for the 10 working days trial of CASPER that can be a starting point for developing an efficient well-being strategy in the workplace. At the end of the trial you will receive a report on the current level of employee well-being and productivity. We will also recommend science backed practical solutions/actions that you can take to improve the situation.

The next step is easy. Get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. writing an email subject line ‘Curious about CASPER’ and our team member will get back to you within 2 hours to provide you with more details and/or help to sign you in.