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CASPER is an innovative digital tool to measure workplace well-being beyond surveys. The unique advantage of CASPER is the ability to capture real moments of working days as it is - to examine people’s mood, thoughts and feelings. Our mission is to equip leaders with more precise dynamic metrics that can be a direction for implementing changes at any level.

Current measurement methods to evaluate employee well-being predominantly rely on self-reported surveys. However, Behavioural Science evidence demonstrates that individuals tend to have conflicting preferences, limited short-term memory, and are open to heuristics and biases that significantly affect quality of survey responses.  We aim to provide more precise and dynamic measures with the deeper reach to individual level generating new capabilities for leaders, HR specialists, Behavioural and Change practitioners.

At the core of CASPER is a mixed scientific approach to measure employee well-being against a base line in six critical areas, namely; Creativity, Appreciation, Signs, Productivity, Environment and Relationships.

CASPER is at its prototype stage and we aim to build an alpha version by the end of January 2019. However, we have recently participated in the CivTech 3.0 challenge listed by the Scottish Government feeling very proud that our idea was selected among more than 20 other business solutions for the challenge ‘How can we improve the monitoring of staff satisfaction, happiness and wellbeing?’ Even though we were competing with companies that had existing products, we made it through the Exploration Stage as one of the TOP 3 solutions raising our first pre-seed funding.

We aim to approach enlightened organisations experiencing skill shortages, rapid growth or mergers resulting in culture changes, productivity losses, rising workforce apathy or vulnerability. At the moment we are looking for a few forward thinking companies to pilot CASPER starting from February-March 2019.

If you would like to apply for a to a potential partnership opportunity to measure employee well-being by an alpha or a beta version of CASPER, please register your interest by Feb 8 2019, and we will get in touch to inform you about the eligibility and the application process.

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