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The Emotions Trap


How to get to know your emotions and make them work for you



Have you ever thought how a bad commute impacts how you word your emails? Did you know that the day after your football team wins you’ll probably take more risks?


In this workshop you will discover how emotions impact your everyday working life. You will learn how they are triggered and how they influence your performance and behaviour. By blending behavioural science with emotional appraisal theory we will give you practical and proactive tools to help you work with emotions to make better decisions.


Learning Outcomes:

  • You will learn the difference between emotion, feelings and mood.
  • You will learn what triggers emotions and what differentiates one from another.
  • You will learn why negative emotions are not always bad and positive emotions are not always good.
  • You will learn techniques to address overconfidence, wishful thinking and cope with difficult/emotionally changed interactions/situations.



Alena Rogozhkina, Happiness Architect & Founder of professional services start up Sonas. At the core of Sonas is a uniquely designed ‘Better Working Lives’ toolkit, developed through cutting-edge research at the University of Stirling, that has been paired with powerful scientific results from Behavioural Economics.
Alena recently graduated from the University of Stirling with a Masters Degree in Behavioural Science for Management, having previously spent over five years managing international teams.


 Dr. Belinda Vigors, collaborative partner of Sonas, is a social scientist whose research interests include decision-making under risk and uncertainty. She completed a PhD on how specific emotions, such as fear, anger and happiness, influence risk-taking in the finance industry. She believes that emotions are not a bad thing to be controlled or eradicated but are a powerful aspect of being human — something which can help as much as hinder. She is passionate about helping people be more aware of how emotions impact their decisions and how to work with them, rather than against.


If you would like to arrange a taster session of this workshop for your company, please schedule an initial 30 min Skype call with us using the schedule below. This would help to tailor the session according to your specific needs and concerns.