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"Human behaviour and reasons why people make (or don’t) certain decisions in their everyday lives are out of my curiosity most of the time. My greatest dream is to shift people’s perception that ‘it is normal to hate a job’ into a belief that ‘it is possible to spend more time doing what you love"

Alena Rogozhkina, Founder of Sonas & Happiness Architect

Alena has both BS in human resource management and MSc from Behavioural Science for Management. She has diverse successful professional experience over 8 years managing international teams.

Alena’s passion is applying her academic knowledge from the Masters in Behavioural Science to real world problems designing well-being interventions and smarter workspaces to boost human potential across the world. Alena believes that by providing evidence-based solutions with the right level of support at the implementation stage, it is possible to improve productivity and retention level in businesses.