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I am keen on sharing the best practices (as well as pitfalls) so we can learn from each other and move forward with efficient well-being at work strategies. Below you can find the links to some of my interviews and articles. Enjoy reading them, feel free to share and discuss any points.


1. Do you think the idea of Basic Income for citizens is the right way to move future jobs forward? Do you think it could move us towards a utopia? Or a dystopia? Here are my thoughts on the idea to help everyone and give people the chance to do what they truly love doing. This is a future thinking tool in my view to create a happier workforce. You can read my recently posted article about below

Share your views and comments on this please. I will be happy to chat more. 

Creating Better Working Days



2. An article based on my interview with Brig Newspaper dedicated to Mental Health May-2018. Here you can find out more about SONAS: what it is, why I created it and why it is important to feel happy in your working life.

Happiness: a work in progress



2. Happy to share my recently published article ‘The Changing World Of Work’ and Basic Income that would better reflect the working system of future. Open for discussion, so for those who are interested, please leave your comments  below.

The Changing World Of Work