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I collected here my favourite videos and podcasts that have inspired me to follow my own calling  - to design happier workplaces across the world. I personally think that information from these sources can be easy to perceive and useful to reflect on.



  1. One of my favourite Ted Talks ever. Procrastination is a huge problem in everyday working and personal lives for most of us. Tim Urban came up with an idea of a cartoon character visualising Procrastination Monster that even kids can be taught by. Hilarious, Funny, Thoughtful and Self-Reflective.

  2. Terrific 3D hand-drawn/computer-animated adventure short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Pretty accurate representation of the conflict between the mind and heart of an average office worker. I love showing the full version during workshop breaks.

  3. Love this talk by Manoush Zamoridi. She created a fascinating experiment called ‘Bored and brilliant’ and discovered thousands of people’s stories when they struggled to spend less time on using their smartphones. Massive loss on energy and productivity. But what triggers our brain to be slaved by that? Check this out!