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The Changing World Of Work 

This article is inspired by our visit to Brain Bar - the European Festival of the future at Budapest. Some reflective thoughts on Basic Income that could potentially better reflect the working system of future.


Happiness: a work in progress 

An interview with our Founder Alena Rogozhkina for Brig Newspaper at University of Stirling dedicated to the UK Mental Health month in 2018. Here you can find out more about SONAS: why we created it and why it matters to feel happy in the workplace.


Creating Better Working Days 

Do you think the idea of Basic Income for citizens is the right way to move future jobs forward? Do you think this could move us towards an utopia? Or a dystopia? Here are some reflective thoughts from our Founder Alena Rogozhkina on the idea of providing people with the chance to spend more time on activities that they love doing.