About Us

Sonas-Behavioural Science is an award-winning mission driven tech start-up specialising in applied behavioural insights to improve workplace wellbeing. The project was born at University of Stirling with the massive support of Student Enterprise Department and is currently based at the University of Stirling Innovation Park.

Our core product is CASPER a cloud-based platform powered by emotion analytics to measure employee mental wellbeing and its effect on everyday productivity in the workplace.

We are inspired by the The Fair Work policy that states 'By 2025 for people in Scotland to have a world-leading working life developing wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and for society'. To contribute to this goal, our vision for CASPER is to establish productivity and mental wellbeing benchmarks within every industry. We believe that this can inspire public and business leaders to take more preventative approach in terms of wellbeing initiatives to improve quality of citizens working lives worldwide.

Our project has a strong academic grounding. We are massively supported by the University of Stirling’s Enterprise Programme, including business advice, incubation and a range of other startup services. We are also well connected with business advisors across Scotland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including: Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, RBS Accelerator, and Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE).

Our recent achievements include joining the current cohort of disruptive digital projects at EIE2020, the Wayra UK - AI and Blockchain Accelerator, and the Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme.