"My name is Alena (pronounced 'Al-yo-na').

 I am the Happiness Architect and I intend to design happier workplaces across the world.“

 Why am I capable?

· I have diverse, successful professional experience. I worked for a national industrial company in Moscow as Head of one of the HR department for 5 years. Then I moved to manage an international team in a boutique resort in India for 4 years. Finding a striking pattern that more than about 80% of people across the world were unhappy at work, I began my entrepreneurial journey diving deeply inside the mechanisms of human behaviour and brain studies. 

· I have a Masters degree in Behavioural Science with distinction from Stirling University and currently experimenting with the latest research and practical interventions in areas of workplace wellness, quality of life, human potential and individual’s passions.

· I do take my 'own medicine' every single day – so I am confident to share experiments, techniques and personal examples that helped me to flourish my own working life.

 What drives me?

· Human behaviour and reasons why people make (or don’t) certain decisions in their everyday lives are out of my curiosity most of the time. I really believe in people and my greatest passion is helping individuals across the world to pursue their true passions and dreams. This is the only way I believe we can improve welfare on our planet.

· I am keen on innovative ways to develop local communities where people have a chance to live up their potential and do what they love. My aim is to help people across the world to escape their never-ending cycle of beliefs that work should be a number one on the ‘Things I hate list’.

· Finally, I intend to change a frustrating worldwide trend; the “epidemic of disengagement”. My greatest dream is to shift people's perception that ‘it is normal to hate a job’ into a belief that ‘it is possible to spend more time doing what you love’. I hope that by providing a clear framework approach, I can make everyday working lives of citizens more enjoyable and meaningful, so they can improve quality of their lives overall.

 What are the areas of my expertise?

Investing in workplace well-being strategies, helping to adapt to future challenges such as an ageing workforce, a rice of the gig economy, changing career perceptions amongst younger generations, improving human-smart machine interactions; and testing the ways to implement Basic Income – these are a few of my main professional interests. I am open for interactive debates, talks, discussion panels and collaborative projects in these areas.

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