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Sonas is a behaviour change start-up based in Stirling specialising in workplace wellbeing solutions for businesses and public sector. Sonas is a mission-driven business committing to measure employee wellbeing beyond surveys and improve quality of working lives across the world.
Our digital tool CASPER, training programmes, workspace design suggestions, and bespoke consultancy have been developed through cutting-edge behavioural science research at University of Stirling, paired with powerful evidence-based findings from neuroscience.

We aim to support leaders of enlightened medium and larger organisations experiencing challenges such as

  • Skill shortage
  • Presenteeism
  • Rapid growth or mergers
  • Culture changes
  • Retention of key talents
  • Productivity losses
  • Workforce apathy or vulnerability
  • Employee resistance to change

Our innovative framework, the evidence based practical tools and bespoke advisory support can help leaders to understand deeper what drives human behaviour. This knowledge is often a missing value for leaders to make better-informed decisions, develop effective well-being programmes or implement changes more effectively which is an evident route to business success.