Terms & conditions

Check list of the signs indicating that this is the right course for you.

You are eligible to attend if you have:

  • ✔ Some amount of misery and/or frustration with your current job
  • ✔ A regular feeling that you sleep walk through your working day as if on autopilot without achieving much
  • ✔ Large volumes of work every day and frequently changing priorities
  • ✔ Difficulties staying focused on a task and concentrating
  • ✔ Challenges dealing with other people in a team
  • ✔ Regular doubts that you are on the right track with your career path
  • ✔ Boredom and loss of interest in what you are doing
  • ✔ Curiosity about why so many people are trapped by the above challenges and what are the ways to deal with them
  • ✔ All of the above

This course does not require any advanced knowledge or a scientific background and is open to all humans. In terms of preparation, it is suggested to have some amount of misery at your current job, lower your expectations about perfect immediate results, be open-minded, ready to try new experiences, and have a New Year resolution to change the way you currently work and live for better.

You will achieve significantly better results attending all three levels of diving in to your brain. However, you are free to choose one or two levels only if you feel that is the right thing for you.