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What can we do for you?

SONAS’ bespoke service offered to companies looking to revamp their office space! Adding value to the physical space your employees work in can really boost their happiness and motivation at work. Using the latest behavioural science findings along with a ‘human needs centred approach’ we can assess your current working environment and give you a solution embedded with scientific foundations.

What techniques do we use?

Addressing the issues we highlight, we can improve employee well-being and change the way everyone interacts with your office through methods like zoning environment that help people switch their mode of thinking, moving from one part of the office to another. We use a variety of tools including individual and group interviews, communication flow analysis and empathy mapping to identify how employees use current office space. Finally, we embed results that we found through the research and analysis stages in our practical design suggestions for clients to better use their office space and maximise its potential.

What do you get out of this?

Our aim is to offer you a new workspace layout plan, optimising what people see and feel in the workplace. Our expertise can help you to avoid trends which may look good in the moment yet can prove costly in the long run as potential and functionality are lost. We focus on finding innovative evidence-based ways to revamp your office space that truly support employee mental and physical wellbeing enabling productivity, inspiration and progress.

“Working with Alena was a great experience for us, she really listened to what was important to individuals in the team and incorporated different opinions in her final plan. Her plan was creative and innovative, maximising the space available. We can’t wait to put her ideas into practice.”

Margo Mackay, Talking Mats Associate