Online wellbeing retreat ‘Winter Connections’

Duration – it will only take you a day to complete it
Available until February 28th 2021


This retreat is designed for you: to retreat from everyday, busy life, while you reflect on how you are feeling and where you are in your body at this time of year, and to root down. It's time to relax, rest, dive deep, and focus on what makes you YOU.

Expect a wholesome experience from the comfort of your home, with our blended, holistic approach to winter wellbeing; through practical facilitation, expressive and creative exercises, and the science behind wellbeing!

What this retreat can help you with

It will –
  • inspire you to get out and look at nature in a different way
  • invite your inner child to pause and create
  • facilitate some deep breathing
  • provide a relaxing meditation
  • demonstrate the curious science behind happiness and wellbeing
  • help to puzzle out what lifts your energy and what sucks it away
  • equip you with smart basics to preserve mental energy and generate resourcefulness
  • learn about some of natures’ winter offerings
  • demonstrate how to identify rosehips and how to make them into an immune boosting syrup
  • offer a series of expressive writing prompts to help get pen to paper
  • introduce (or reintroduce) you to two poems to enjoy and use to spark more writing

Explore this and more at your own pace, on or off screen. Take a whole day for this opportunity to retreat, or weave it into your day as you please. You are provided with video and written content, so the choice is yours - there is no right or wrong way to do this, there is only YOUR way!