Our services

There is one thing we are exceptionally good at - design and implementing an efficient workplace wellbeing strategy.

In the core of it is a hard science of human behaviour to connect productivity and wellbeing. We are simply passionate by identifying the ways in which we can use our expertise in human behaviour to help people to help themselves living better working lives.

70% of wellbeing programmes fail. It is people who are in the middle of your ‘last mile problem’ to implement a promising wellbeing agenda. Your people often make their own choices inconsistently and even against their own preferences. Your people also have dreams, passions and desires to follow their true calling that you might be completely not aware off. The cost of missing this out is huge - a waste of human potential as well as productivity losses followed by a waste of budgets invested in workplace wellbeing initiatives. But if you get it right, you will have a happier, truly inspired and well-performing crew as well as up to 9x return on your investment for wellbeing.



Advisory support and training programmes for leaders

Our bespoke advisory support and training are powered by rapid scientific experimentation, behavioural design, and thought-provoking training. We can arm you as leaders with practical evidence-based tools to step back from an out-dated ‘Business as Usual’ approach and develop fresh perspectives to identify sustainable human capital cantered solutions suitable to your unique business challenges.

Our huge advantage is that we are not limited by a particular industry and can help to understand how to apply behavioural insights to your wellbeing whether you work for your own business, a commercial organisation, public services or non-profit sector. We are able to deliver our services and training programmes listed below under COVID-19 circumstances remotely.


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  • Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Design
    2-days session for leaders and HR professionals to discover innovative frameworks and tools to draft an effective well-being strategy from scratch as well as to explore what makes employee wellbeing programmes to be either successful or failed.

  • Return to work in a post Covid reality
    Full day session for leaders and HR professionals to diagnose their ‘Return to Work and bringing people back to office scenarios and challenging their existing workplace wellbeing initiatives. Learning novel ways to improve a wellbeing strategy using latest insights from behavioural science such as behavioural office design, setting up effective defaults, and crafting effective messaging to nudge employees following the new norms/regulations.

  • The Hiring Process Debias
    Full day session for leaders and HR professionals on how to attract and select people they REALLY need improving future retention success. Analysing a current selection process to learn filtering candidates more objectively based on their true suitability to a specific job role, company culture fit and future potential.

  • Handling younger workforce
    Half day session for leaders to learn hidden behavioural barriers, true motivation and practical ways to successfully attract, retain and manage millennials, and following them generations of “Digital Natives”.