Past Events-2020



Engage Invest Exploit

Date: 13th - 14th Oct 2020

The #EIE20 is the annual premier technology investor showcase featuring innovative data driven high growth companies. Our project is a part of the current EIE cohort and you can visit our virtual quirky booth here. It will be open until Nov 13th 2020. You can find there our video pitch as well as more details about CASPER – our digital wellbeing tool for the New Normal.




Tech Startup conference

Date: Thursday 4th Sep, 13:20 - 13:35

Our founder Alena Rogozhkina delivered a keynote at tech startup conference, UPPSTART on 4 September. In her keynote, Alena talked about the science behind procrastination and also shared tips on how to beat it and stay productive.



Returning to work in a post-COVID-19 reality

Date: Thursday 25th June, 14:00 - 15:00

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to bringing employees back to the office, we’ve outlined some considerations, tools, and tips powered by the latest behavioural science research that can help guide leaders through planning and implementing new ways of working to balance business continuity with employee wellbeing and safety.

In this webinar we covered:
- Employee well-being challenges borne of COVID-19
- What is the new productivity curve going to look like?
- Behavioural office design - latest practices from global companies
- Practical tips to revamp workplace wellbeing strategy



Productivity Matters Conference

Date: February 27th
Location: COSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh

Our founder and CEO Alena Rogozhkina along with Stephen Currie had an opportunity to present a curious snapshot of the real-time insights from our first pilot with R&W Scott Ltd at the Productivity Matters conference organised by Productivity Club Scotland. It was an exciting moment for us and we are very honoured to be invited to this meaningful event and showcase the results our first trial.
The Early Adopter Programme of CASPER continues. If you are interested in running a trial with your company, please get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Accelerate HER-semi-final

Date: February 25th
Location: Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde

A really exciting Tuesday morning for the SONAS team! Our CEO Alena Rogozhkina pitched at the semi-final of the AccelerateHER competition in the Disruptive Innovation category at the University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre. Phoebe Allan was her super enthusiastic support in the audience., It has been great to be included in a diverse group of female entrepreneurs of the Investing Women community.


Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival

Date: February 1st-2nd
Location: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

We were so excited to kick off this year Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival at the Assembly Rooms Edinburgh. Such a great atmosphere around and many inspirational talks about physical and mental wellbeing! We had real-time insightful research discovering what people value at work and enjoyed conducting user research demonstrating CASPER to the audience.


Wellbeing Wednesday

Date: January 16th
Location: RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator, Edinburgh

We were honoured to speak at 'Wellbeing Wednesday' at the RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator. Alongside 3 other amazing guest speakers who shared their insights into the importance of finding happiness and incorporating it in a professional landscape. Our Founder and CEO, Alena Rogozhkina shared some helpful tips to cope with emotions in your every day life. Small changes like replacing that coffee cup on your desk with a plant, using essential oils for relaxation and a healthier mindset to sweet treats like chocolate. A huge thanks to our participants who helped with our interactive 'lucky' and 'unlucky' bags activity as well as to the brilliant audience for attending.




Past Events-2019


Architecture Fringe - The Future Workplace. Are you Ready?

The future workplace event has now come to a close and after 3 venues, we can firmly say the challenge was worth it and a great experience was had by all. Stirling provided a familiar and welcoming backdrop for our first screening. Edinburgh was our big-ticket event, and we couldn't have been happier when met with a large audience of diverse professionals, this was without a doubt the highlight. Glasgow came with its challenges with some technical difficulties but we overcame them to end on a high and looking forward the whole team can’t wait to see what we do next with the film.


Lunch & Learn - Why Should I Reply to Your Email?

Date: May 23
Location: University of Stirling’s innovation park

It was a great experience to deliver Lunch & Learn at Innovation Park of the University of Stirling. The idea for a new masterclass on writing emails was born in my head as a response to frequent feedback from the attendees who attended my productivity course.
They were saying that emails occupy plenty of their working time but have so low response rate that breeds frustration. I run Lunch & Learn in a format of a taster session to give some flavour of the main content as well as to tailor the Behavioural Science tools such as framing to real working world needs.


Lunch & Learn: Getting ready for the Future of Work: what to expect and how to prepare.

Date: March 21
Location: University of Stirling’s innovation park

Alyona will be hosting a Lunch & Learn on the changing world of work, touching on how digital communications have made remote work a commonplace. The rapid growth of the gig economy creates additional challenges and opportunities for innovation. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics could upend the conventional workplace.

Attendees will discover current and future work trends, new ways to knit together workplace learning and work, and the intriguing experiments that companies are undertaking to adapt to rapid change.


TedX-style Event: The One Step Ahead

Date: March 7
Location: Crush Hall in the Pathfoot Building of University of Stirling

Alyona will be attending and speaking at this event which aims to showcase various experiences that current and former students of the University have had and the different opportunities students can take that will move them 'one step ahead' with their career.

This is a great opportunity for you to hear student's, as well as recent alumni’s insights of career building and to make some connections within the university as there will be a networking session at the end of the event. The event is aimed for Stirling Management School students, but we welcome anyone from other faculties interested in business environment experiences.


Past Events-2018


Lunch & Learn: Productivity Climb 

Date: May 29
Location: Stirling University Innovation Park

This event was monumental for SONAS and we were so pleased to share this moment with 23 attendees from various local businesses.

The debut of our first ever workshop focused on personal productivity improvement. The top 3 topics that audience highlighted as the most useful were: ‘brain-friendly’ to-do lists, ways to deal with overload and preserve energy through a working day, and practical strategies to beat procrastination. Some of the interesting (or common) questions were: how to deal with overload, how to delegate activities from to-do list and not to make other people overloaded, how not to look unproductive/lazy in co-worker’s eyes trying to implement changes such as having mini-breaks or reflection time during the day. 


Workshop: Productivity Climb

Date: September 13
Location: University of Stirling

At this event was attended by working professional and we were so inspired by the innovative ideas brought forward by the university such as their use of brain-friendly toys to stimulate the minds of our attendees during the session. Alyona discussed topics such as motivation and touched on emotions in the workplace, this even was also attended by our intern; Phoebe Allan.


Shooting: ‘Work Hacks Series’

Location: Stirling University Innovation Park

Following the huge feedback from people using the hashtag; #workspacecrapadvice, our next event is credited to beginning creating our next video series short episodes covering the most challenging issues. This was all contributing to our efforts in paving the first step to improve working lives. Special thanks to our bright director Andy Gunn and the crew - Illia Rogozhkin, Colin Harris, Akshita Verma, Cintia Radnothy, and Phoebe Alan.

Check the last of our ‘Work Hacks Series’ following our YouTube channel.


Afternoon Tea & Learn: Emotions

Date: Nov 22
Location: Edinburgh Central Library, Boardroom

This event was hosted by Belinda and Alyona. As with any of our events we were excited about the guest attendees who kept the conversation about emotions in the workplace stimulating, drawing on their own experience. This kind of innovative and inquisitive behavior is always welcome and appreciated.