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Alena Rogozhkina

Alena Rogozhkina

CEO & Founder

Illia Rohozhkin

Tech lead & Founder

Illia Rohozkin
Alena has both BS in human resource management and MSc from Behavioural Science for Management. She has diverse successful professional experience over 8 years managing international teams. Alena’s passion is applying her academic knowledge from the Masters in Behavioural Science to real world problems designing well-being interventions and smarter workspaces to boost human potential across the world. Illia is currently working on development of CASPER, a digital tool to measure employee well-being and productivity beyond surveys. He feels that it is a brave attempt to apply an innovative tech solution to improve the well-being of individuals as well as society overall.
Phoebe Allan

Phoebe Allan

Marketing & Business Development Assistant

Sophie Mackintosh

Research Assistant

Illia Rohozkin
A current 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Stirling for a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies and Marketing, Phoebe believes she has found her true passion through this role not just for business but for helping people love their job. Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in 2018 at the University of Stirling, Sophie is now undertaking my MSc, specialising in Cognitive Neuropsychology. Her role at SONAS is one that is exciting, fast-paced and extremely varied!

Meet our growing family!

Here at SONAS, we go beyond the structure of a typical workforce. Support, empowerment and collaboration are central to our internal network. Since the beginning of the project, our mission was to support the growing talent of university students and recent graduates. Many volunteers and interns have put passion in to this project and it’s a pleasure to see their development. Supporting the younger workforce is a core mission for us and we are always keen to take on board new talent as youthful and vibrant workers make for the happy workplace we are proud to call our own, see for yourself!

What the younger workforce think about work at SONAS!

Natalie Smith Samantha Slorach Louis Hardy

Natalie Smith

"Working with SONAS really boosted my confidence and allowed me to gain practical experience within a professional working environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ally and SONAS. The skills I developed during my work experience were invaluable and something I’ll be able to my own career after university."

Samantha Slorach

"I am very thankful for getting this opportunity, it was lovely to work with Ally and the summer crew. I enjoyed collaborating with others on the project and learning new things regarding marketing and business strategy."

Louis Hardy

"I feel like the work with SONAS was really grounded in actual business practice and we were all really involved. Ally didn’t hesitate to bring us into the fold as genuine members of the team and valued us on a personal level."

Are you a student or recent graduate? Get in touch with our friendly team today to see if we have an opportunity for you!
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