Dr Hatice Ozhisar, director of HaticeXInterior, provides an architectural and interior design service for discerning, quality-conscious clients. She has expertise in both commercial and residential design such as workplaces and home-offices. She deals with the procedures of the planning permission of extension projects.

HaticeXInterior and Sonas collaborate on workplace redesign projects for organisations.

Andrew Gunn

Andrew Gunn, Founder of DeepFriedNoir hosts screenings, events, and workshops including a popular screenwriting lab which has been held at BBC Scotland, arts venues and film festivals. He consults on screenplays for industry professionals and emerging writers alike.

Deepfriednoir creates tailored promotional video content for Sonas.

Chernobai Art

Artem Chernobai, Founder of SubRosa street theatre and a visual artist, believes in the idea that arts don't need to be explained. Artem's passion is to use artwork as a messenger to inspire people and make their everyday lives brighter and less stressful. He also believes that an artist lives in every person and it is a journey to discover a unique talent inside of us that everyone should aim for to live a better life.

Artem Chernobai supports Sonas creative vision in terms of graphics and visual design projects.

University of Stirling, Careers and Employability Services

From internships to help finding a job, the Careers and Employability Service gives students the support and advice they need to plan their career, develop employability or think about further study.

The Careers and Employability Service team supports Sonas by matching the right students and recent graduates with our internship and placement programmes.

Workforce Magazine

Fuelled by a reputation for credibility and relevance, HCM’s award-winning print resources, videos, newsletters, interactive websites and apps (newsstand) delve into the workplace topics, trends and challenges business leaders face daily. Each piece of content is intended to help organizations compete more effectively by realizing the full potential of their workforce.

Workforce magazine is a professional media source supporting Sonas vision to inform companies about the latest practices to create better workplaces and better working lives.